High Risk Pregnancy



If pregnancy is high-risk, it means a woman needs extra care to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Having a high-risk pregnancy means that a woman faces health problems during birth or after delivery. These problems could be minor, but in some cases, a high-risk condition can be life-threatening for a woman or her baby. That’s why in a high-risk pregnancy requires extra monitoring and care by the gynecologist.
To prevent high risk a woman should provide all information about her pregnancy to the maternity doctor to reduce the risk and manage problems. It doesn’t mean that with the high-risk pregnancy a woman can’t deliver a healthy baby but needs extra care and regular observation to solve the issues and prevent complications.
Some health conditions may also increase the high-risk pregnancy. If a woman has a chronic condition, she has to visit a maternity doctor in Jaipur before trying to get pregnant, so she can be as healthy as possible before conceiving.

Maternal physical and social characteristics that can contribute to a high-risk pregnancy include:
Age younger than 15 years and older than 35 years, pre-pregnancy weight under 100 lbs (45 kg) or obesity, height under 5 ft, incompetent cervix, uterine malformations, small pelvis, being a smoker, using drugs, having no access to early prenatal care, using alcohol etc.


  • Overweight & Obesity: Overweight increases the risk of neural tube defects, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, stillbirth, and cesarean delivery. It is observed that due to obesity risk of infant’s heart problem increased by 15%.
  • Multiple Birth: Complications increases if a woman carrying twins or higher order multiples. Premature Delivery, Premature Labor are common complications due to multiple births.
  • Maternal age: If the women age is more than 35 or less than 17 years it increases the risk in pregnancy. It increases the risk of gestational high blood pressure.
  • Health Conditions: Existing health conditions like High blood pressure, Diabetes, HIV eg. increase the risk of pregnancy.
  • Others: Veginal bleeding, severe headache, cramping in the lower abdomen, decreased fetal activity are other cause of high-risk pregnancy.