Gynecologist focuses or practice gynecology which focuses on women’s internal or external reproductive health and an Obstetrician focuses and practice the area of medicine associated with childbirth and pregnancy. Obstetricians also provide surgical care for women during pregnancy and childbirth. The obstetrician ensures that mother and child get the best care and ensure care in labor and delivery time if there are any complications. As per best obstetrician in Jaipur, Dr. Pratima Poddar, during pregnancy many complications can arise like high blood pressure which is very important to take care, it increases the complication in childbirth and pregnancy period, ectopic pregnancy, which is a situation where the embryo is in a fallopian tube. An obstetrician is trained in for such type and other complications of childbirth and ensures the safety of mother and baby any stage, whether the baby is delivered vaginally or through surgically. Dr. Pratima is one of the best Laparoscopy Surgeon in Jaipur to deal with the surgical requirements whether it surgery requires during delivery or to diagnose the issues in the internal part of women’s reproductive system.

In high-risk pregnancy, a woman should consult with the Obstetrician, a lady has a high-risk pregnancy if she’s is pregnant and aged above 35, carrying multiple babies, have a chronic health condition, have a history of miscarriage, preterm labor, or cesarean delivery
engage in smoking and drinking. It develops complications during pregnancy that affect a woman or baby.