What should not have..

Pregnancy is the most sensitive period in a woman’s life. Therefore, it’s highly important for pregnant women to have a healthy diet. A woman should pay very close attention to what they eat and it’s important to avoid harmful foods and beverages. Certain foods should only be consumed rarely, while others should be completely avoided.

Your journey of motherhood starts with pregnancy.  It is tough for a pregnant woman to have a balanced and nutritious diet and to ensure proper health of herself & baby. However, there are certain foods like papaya, crabs, pineapple, and mercury-rich fish that pregnant women should refrain from consuming. This is because these food items may create a probability of miscarriage, especially while the pregnancy is for the first time. It is necessary for pregnant women to take care while including foods into their regular diet and avoid specific foods during pregnancy to prevent complications & miscarriage. These foods may cause widening or opening of the cervix & inner contractions in a pregnant woman, thereby putting her at risk of a miscarriage. 


List of foods, you should avoid during pregnancy as suggested by best Obstetrician in Jaipur Dr. Pratima Poddar.


Refrigerated meats and deli salads (unless steaming hot)

Raw or undercooked meat, poultry, fish, shellfish

Raw sprouts and unwashed raw produce

Unpasteurized (raw) milk and juices

Energy drinks and excessive coffee

Soda and sweetened beverages

Unpasteurized cheese

High-mercury seafood

Sesame Seeds

Animal Liver



Aloe Vera